Weizmann proper

Son of Ilana and Chaim

Fell on the 19th day of Nisan 1771 (04.23.2011)

Fell at Age 20 Years old

Son of Ilana and Chaim. Naut was born in Kibbutz Tirat Zvi on the 9th of Shevat 1991 (January 24, 1991). He was born in the first days of the Gulf War. His father was recruited to serve in the reserves when his mother was in the ninth month of her pregnancy and because of the war they imposed a ban on exits home. With great difficulty his father managed to get a short of several days in the reserves and went down to Mount Hermon to reach the birth. Naut, who like his brother received a number of psalms there (“Banaot Desha Yarivitzini”, so appropriate for the kibbutz) joined his older sister Mazmor and his brother Asur. His sister Meshav was born two and a half years after him, after the family returned to Jerusalem. Naut Grew up in the Bekaa neighborhood in the capital. Both parents work at home—Ilana as a kindergarten teacher and lives as a translator, journalist, and writer. The family is active in the “Kehilat Yedidia” synagogue in the neighborhood.

“Neut is that everyone is tired at 6 in the morning and only he looks fresh with a smile on his face, and when you ask everyone how they slept, they are too tired to answer. And only he always answers ‘Sugar!'”
This is how MK Kehat characterized Naot in the book of memories that was available to the comforters in “Sheva”, and that’s how all his friends remember him. Naot, a soldier in Golani’s 13th battalion, met his untimely death, not long after he finished the “route” .

Neot excelled in human relations, and was endowed with an unusual ability to understand and feel for the souls of others. He was the “glue” between his friends and at home, within the family, the man who brought everyone together, reconciled between hawks, and knew the other’s heart. Exceptionally for boys his age, he showed his feelings without shame and with great grace. The phrase “I love you” was common in his mouth. It is therefore appropriate that his family chose to engrave on his tombstone the verse “As long as the spirit of mankind favors our right hand, the spirit of the place favors our right hand” (Avot 3:12).

Naut, like his older brothers, was educated at the “Mmad Harova” elementary school, where he met his close friends Barak and Amos. When he arrived at “Dror” high school in the 7th grade, there was a team of teachers who knew how to accommodate children with learning difficulties, attention and concentration, and he began a long and impressive process of academic success. It is possible that his sensitivity to the problems of others stemmed from his experience as a child who overcame these difficulties.

In leisure time, it is very appropriate to engage in sports. In his youth he played basketball in the “Elitzur” team in Jerusalem, a team that reached impressive achievements. Navot used to say that he learned a lot from his coaches and teammates—how to work in a team, consider others, accept and learn from failures and mistakes. Upon completion of his high school studies, he joined the pre-military preparatory school “Keshet Yehuda” in Moshav Keshet in the Golan Heights.

Like many young people, Naot initially wanted to join an elite unit, but after thinking he decided that he could contribute more in “Golani”. Even when he arrived in BA, he intended to join the “Golani patrol”, but he was so satisfied with the friends he met in the company that he decided to give up the formation and stay with them.

Naut’s friends especially noted his willingness to always help others. Perhaps because he knew that his father was a lone soldier, Neot took it upon himself to be “father” to the lone soldiers in the company. He helped mediate between them and the commanders, explaining to both of them what the other side wants and feels. He also invited the lonely soldiers to his home for Shabbat meals.

As MK Kehat wrote, “Property is feeling unwell or in pain but finishing the exercise with the best possible ending without even thinking about complaining.” Adequate is being upset about not going out for exercise because of a medical problem, which others would like to point out. It’s carrying full Negev alertness on a journey even though others do otherwise.”

Towards the end of the “track” Neot started having knee pains and he also suffered from several other small and not serious medical problems that prevented him from training. In March 2011, he was about to go to the military training course, but his superiors convinced him (not easily) to go on sick leave to deal with these problems. The period of the “gimelim” continued until Passover, when Navot went with his family, as is their custom, to spend the Seder night with Their friends, the Wagner family, in memory of Jacob. Seder night was the last night the family spent with him.

After the holiday was over, Navot returned with his sister from Gavv to Jerusalem, where he met three friends, with whom he went down to Eilat for a few days of diving, a sport he practiced and loved. On the second day of diving, when he and his friends were at a depth of 28 m, a malfunction happened. Despite a quick rescue and dedicated treatment by the medical staff at Yoseftal Hospital in Eilat and later Rambam Hospital in Haifa, Neot died two days later, on Shabbat of the holy month, the 19th of Nisan 1771 (April 23, 2011). His family donated his organs and thanks to that three patients got a new life thanks to him. He was laid to rest in the military cemetery on Mount Herzl, Jerusalem. Left parents, brother and two sisters.

In his memory, his family established, in cooperation with the “Association for the Advancement of Education” (which runs the “Dror” high school where Neot studied and a number of other schools and boarding schools) the “Learning Buildings” program, to help students with learning disabilities and attention and concentration problems.

More material about Navot and his life, along with photos and memories from friends, can be found on his Facebook page, which his family continues to manage, ,
In the Facebook group in his memory,
And also on his father’s website, Chaim: %D7% A0 %D7% 90 %D7% 95 %D7% AA- %D7% 95 %D7% 99 %D7% A6 %D7% 9E %D7% 9F- %D7% 96 %D7% 9C/ .

His friend Amos summed up Naot’s qualities in the obituary he delivered at his grave: “There was no place where you were present and somehow it was sad there. There was no such situation. The atmosphere was important to you, you always knew how to laugh with some silly face or some nonsense you uttered. Even when you were going through things difficult, and you passed, you kept your head up, optimism and the joy of life that we admired in you… you had a huge heart, every person you spoke to felt it, the care and love you had. Our success was so important to you, sometimes more than your own “.

- May His Soul Be Bound up in the Bundle of Life -

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