Booking tours and lectures

Tours and lectures following the legacy of the Golani Brigade and the Gideon Regiment

The Gideon Battalion Association organizes tours and lectures on the heritage of the IDF, the Golani Brigade and the Gideon Battalion.
The purpose of the tours is to bring the public closer to the work of the commanders and fighters of the brigade and battalion along the Israeli systems and to bring to light the values ​​of warfare.

Battles of the War of Independence:

The Battle of Beit Shan and the Star of the Jordan and the seed of the Gideon Battalion which includes the formation of the brigade
The battle on Hill 86 in Operation Horev.

The war on water and the retaliatory actions:

Battle of Tel Motila the heroism of the new immigrants

Six Day War :

The Gideon Battalion’s breakthrough battles for the Golan Heights and the Hermon

Yom Hakkipurim War:

The containment battles of the Gideon Battalion in the Yom Kippur War
The story of the Portugal outpost

Operation Cast Lead:

The story of the 1st class

Security strap:

The tour and the lecture follow a series of operations and actions of the brigade and the battalion such as the locked garden, King Lear, the battle of the Haveli and more…

The Second Lebanon War:

The Gideon Battalion at the Battle of Merkava Village

First Lebanon War:

The Battle of Kfar Sil

Operation Solid Cliff:

The battle for Sageia

The tours and lectures are accompanied by audio and media and tactical aids.
The lecture and training by fighters, commanders and heritage people.
The proceeds benefit activities for the graduates of the battalion.
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