Counseling and guidance for the freed a soldier

Counseling and guidance for those released from the Gideon Battalion
The Gideon Battalion Association collected and compiled a register for those who were released
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Information for recruits to the Golani Brigade

Unit with pride
“Golani” is the oldest division in the IDF, the place of the state (respect!).

The role of the unit in the war: “Golani” (1st Brigade) is subordinate to the Northern Command. The Golanchiks train, and continue to protect the citizens of the State of Israel. In war, they specialize in tiger assaults (Heavy Infantry Brigade), which is aptly named for its riders. In the brigade there are three battalions (“Barak” 12, “Gideon” 13, and the “1st Breakout Battalion” 51) – the Reconnaissance Battalion (HGDSAR), which includes the divisions (divisional units),

Admission requirements for the unit: profile 82-97.

Novices: 4 months at the BA (military training base) “Regavim”, which include six stages, which are supposed to turn you into a crazy Jolanchik: discipline, shooting, physical fitness, fields, professions (knowledge of weapons), and education. At the end comes a journey The arduous beret, which ends at the Golani intersection (near “McDonald’s”), in a festive closing ceremony, where the soldiers are awarded the brown beret.

The conditions of the fighters: In the “Golani” camp it is called “Luna in the camp”, and for good reason. The base, built according to an American model, includes a sports center, residential levels, an advanced clinic and more.

Route: After the training, the Golanchiks continue to the advanced training at the BA (Rubai 07) – ten weeks of fighting in open and built-up areas, assaulting with tigers and more. Later, the company joins the battalion, when the outstanding ones in the group go to military and officer courses.

Physical fitness is required: in the infantry as in the infantry, there is nothing like strong legs, wide lungs and a strong back to get through the army a little easier. And in “Golani” they like to run. It’s not just that there is a race named after them.

Bases: Golani camp in Bergavim (near Kfar Kara, ten minutes from Binyamina).

Departures: A track soldier goes out about once every two weeks. Later, the exits vary between line and training, depending on the tasks and manpower.

Good luck to the recruits

Gideon Battalion as service and readiness in emergency and war routines.