Code of ethics of the Gideon Battalion association


The Gideon Association of the Golani Brigade was established after the “Tzuk Eitan” operation. Veterans of the battalion came together with the goal of working for the regular and reserve soldiers. The association is managed by the graduates of the battalion for generations, from the days of its establishment until today, the members of the families of the graduates and soldiers of the battalion, bereaved families and lovers and loved ones of the battalion regardless of sex, religion, race or nationality. The whole purpose of the members of the association is to make the military service of our soldiers better and to be of help and a guiding hand to them. The association operates without the intention of profit and all those engaged in the craft do so out of desire and complete volunteerism, the association operates in the spirit of Zionism and the Declaration of Independence according to the values ​​and principles of democracy and the laws of the State of Israel. The association operates according to the rules of proper public administration and with full transparency to the general public. .

The goals of the association

The association operates on three different levels:
1. Concern and support for soldiers serving on regular duty.
2. Concern and help for the graduates of the battalion in the various issues such as studies and employment in order to help the “new” citizens start their lives in a better way after significant military service.
3. Preservation of heritage, commemoration of victims, concern and help for bereaved families in coping with bereavement.

The values ​​of the code of ethics of the Gideon Battalion association

Social usefulness, public and general benefit, preservation of the rules of respect and respect for others. Preservation of history and heritage from a deep rootedness and giving it to future generations. Through conferences, material support, mentoring, support and mutual help. Decision making in the association is based on transparency and representativeness of all members for the sake of the cause.

The values ​​of the 13th Gideon Battalion association:

The reciprocity of human dignity and privacy – we will treat all members of the association, the volunteers, their families, the bereaved families and all those supported by it with an attitude of respect, listening and appreciation.

reliability and integrity

The association undertakes to act with full transparency, with public honesty and according to the rules of proper public administration. The association undertakes to possess every document that indicates proper management and compliance with the law. The association undertakes that the donation funds will be dedicated to the purpose agreed upon between the parties. Changing the purpose of the donation will only be done with the prior agreement of the donor and the association, avoiding a conflict of interests.
Professionalism and excellence We continuously strive for excellence, through the integration of aspects of social usefulness and efficiency in every field of our day-to-day work. In all our activities, we consider ourselves to be representatives of the “13th Battalion Association” and act in a manner appropriate to the association.

Broad social responsibility

We act out of a sense of mission and action for an important goal, to uphold the ‘I believe’ of the association. We act out of recognition of our responsibility to change the situation and our ability and commitment to influence.

Humanitarianism and equality

The purpose of the organization is to support the regular soldiers of the battalion, to support those released, the bereaved families and to preserve the glorious heritage of the battalion in Israel, regardless of country of origin, race, sex, religion or nationality.