Iron Swords War – Call for Action and Request for Support

The Iron Swords war between the State of Israel and the various terrorist groups, led by the Hamas organization that controls the Gaza Strip, broke out on the morning of Saturday, the holiday of Simchat Torah, October 7th, 2023, following a large-scale, surprise attack by the terrorist organizations on dozens of kibbutzim and military bases in the Western Negev area.

The Golani 13 Battalion (at that time) carried out operational deployment in the Nahal Oz sector. The battalion captured the Nahal Oz, Alumim and Paga outposts (2 platoons were under the Armored Corps’ 77th Battalion in the Erez and K2 outposts).

Despite the harsh starting position, the surprise and their being massively outnumbered, all our warriors (women and men) stormed into battle, and fought with strength and valor in the outposts and settlements. No single warrior or soldier in the regiment was killed or injured without stubborn and courageous fighting for their country and brothers/sisters in arms!

The long hours of outnumbered fighting took a heavy toll, and Golani 13 lost 42 fighters and soldiers on the battles of October 7th. Many fighters and commanders were injured in those stubborn fights, while adhering to their mission and making supreme, ultimate, personal sacrifice.

Despite the dire price, the commanders and fighters of the battalion continued to fight non-stop, working to gain control of the situation, clearing the kibbutzim in the battalion’s sector and carrying out a defensive battle along the border-fence and beyond, for a week and a half straight.

In parallel to the defense battle, the battalion command team prepared for the coming Offense Maneuver Stage, strengthened and organized its platoons, completed the training of new fighters, equipped and prepared armored personnel carriers, logistical tools, ammunition, combat and personal equipment, and more.

Upon completion of the defense mission, Golani 13 were ready to spearhead the attack battle against the enemy.

As in every one of Israel’s wars, also on 31.10, the Golani Brigade and its 13 Battalion entered at the tip of the ‘36 Division’s’ arrow and led offensive battles against the enemy strongholds in a variety of locations, including Sabra, Shati, Al Farkan, Darj Tupah, Shahja’iya, Al Burij, and more.

In this multi-stage part of the war, Golani 13 eliminated over 400 terrorists, but paid a dear price and lost 2 of its senior commanders: Lt. Col. Tomer Greenberg – commander of the battalion, and Major Roy Maldasi – commander of Platton B. Additional fighters and commanders were injured in the many battles, operations and raids, and even as we write these words, Golani 13 continues the attack on the battalions of Hamas’s terrorist camps.

We embrace the families of our fallen brothers and sisters, hug our wounded friends and strengthen the spirit of our warriors in battle!

The price of the heavy battles and the effort of the long and continuous fighting require an extraordinary recovery plan. The non-profit team leading the Golani 13 Fighters Association (“Amutat Gideon”), in collaboration with the Golani 13 command team, designed a plan for rehabilitation and preparation for the day after. We call on and highly appreciate any donation that will assist in the implementation of the plan and in providing a rehabilitation, therapeutic and consolidation package for the sake of commemorating the fallen and their legacy, and strengthening the fighters in their days after the war.

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We at the battalion headquarters and the association will stand by your side throughout the war and after it.
We will support and help as much as required.

Until the victory!

עמותת גדעון גולני גדוד 13