Documenting and commemorating the fallen

IMG_28303487508412 will remember
17 “And David lamented, this lamentation, over Saul, and over Jonathan his son
And he said, to teach the children of Judah a bow, here is an inscription, on the Book of the Righteous
The deer, Israel, on your platforms, space: where, heroes have fallen
Don’t say in Gath, don’t preach outside Ashkelon: Pan-Tishmahna
daughters of the Philistines
The mountains in Gilba, the dew and the rain are upon you–and the breasts of donations:
Because there we are disgusted, the shield of heroes–the shield of Saul, without Christ in the oil
From the blood of martyrs, from the milk of heroes – Jonathan’s bow,
We will not retreat; And Saul’s sword, you will not return empty.
2 Samuel, chapter 1, verses 17-22

In memory of the martyrs of the Gideon Battalion
In this place, on Mount Gilboa, about 3000 years ago, a wonderful work was written that stands beyond time and place – David’s Lamentation, a eulogy for Saul and his sons who fell in the heavy battle against the Philistine army. And here, we also come to this site now to pay tribute to our brothers who fell in the battle against the Palestinians and their allies. It seems as if the circle of blood has never closed around this beloved piece of land saturated with hatred and blood. Here we who are with you, beloved brothers, have seen sunsets diffused in orange light over the mountain peaks of the Judean desert, while marching in practice to an unknown destination, in the deep dust of the plains of Nabi Musa and stuck. Here we are who together with you, beloved brothers, walked on the snow-covered basalt at the foot of Mount Odem in the darkness of the night, kneeling under the weight of the freezing cold, longing for the warm touch of the sun. Here we are, who together with you, beloved brothers, marched at dawn along the border line with Lebanon, between the mountains and the oak forests, walking alertly in front of the narrow, evil forest, lurking in the trellises. Here we who are with you, beloved brothers, have set out on warships, to that land in the glare of the bright midsummer sun. The land in which you will not hear a single chirping of a bird, in that land we have traveled a long way with you. We remember you, beloved faces. Here you are now treading the winding and elusive paths of our memory. Even though sometimes it seems that you are stuck there, you suddenly emerge in the hour of nim not nim, in front of the sweet light of dusk, and with a silent march, radiant, young, smiling, rise again to the face of our withered memory. You will always be with us, dear brothers, beloved brothers. An obituary written by Dr. Nissim Hamoui, a former soldier, for the ceremony of removing the lot from the memorial to the martyrs of the 13th Battalion in the First Lebanon War, and all of the battalion’s soldiers in the Israeli systems.

The Gideon Battalion Association will soon begin a project commemorating the martyrs of the battalion, including the life story and commemoration of each soldier. The project includes 279 martyrs of the Gideon Battalion, may their memory be blessed.