Gdud Gideon Association – Bows in memory of her fallen

“The one who dreamed and had his dream come true, the one who fought until he heard the voice of the victors, the one who survived the night and saw a day, the one that will not let us to forget the fallen.”

memorial board
The names of the fallen
Documenting and commemorating the fallen
Family day in Agamon Hula 6/6/2017
סמ"ר נתאי שטרן ז"ל
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רב"ט גיל יעקב עמיחי ז"ל
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סא"ל תומר גרינברג ז"ל
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רועי מלדסי
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סמ"ר חיים מאיר עדן ז"ל
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