Thank you letter for your support in the 70th anniversary meeting

February 2019


I see it as both a duty and a privilege to thank you on my behalf and on behalf of all the members of the 13th Battalion – Gideon Battalion association, for your part and contribution in the success of a valuable and exciting meeting, on the 70th anniversary of the 13th Battalion and the Golani Brigade. The meeting that we chose to hold came to express thanks, appreciation and recognition, to the soldiers of the battalion and the brigade in the past and present, while saluting the soldiers of 1978 and paying respect to the fallen of the battalion and their families.

We thought and believed that the least important thing to do around the events of the country’s 70th anniversary is to remind and remember that the 13th Battalion and the Golani Brigade, intertwined in the establishment of the country, express its history and are the ones who continue to bear the burden of its existence.

As members of a volunteer association, we had a big dream and I admit that many of us did not believe it could be fulfilled. We dreamed of holding a meeting between generations of fighters, over 7 decades of the state’s existence. We really wanted to teach the younger generation a bit of the heritage and history of the regiment they serve in and also embrace the families of those who did not get to reach this status that we have earned, much thanks to them.

It was your willingness, generosity of heart and mobilization that helped us realize the dream and hold an honorable and respectful event on the 70th anniversary of the 13th Battalion and the Golani Brigade. We received many praises for the idea, the initiative, the organization, the concern for every detail, the care, the execution and what not. But we all feel that many of these thanks are due to you.

We know that if you had not mobilized to be together with us, Nablus to Nablus, like a “real Golanchik brother”, we would not have been able to hold the event and succeed in it above and beyond the dream we dreamed and above and beyond what was expected.

I would like to thank you for your help and support in holding the event, as well as wish you from the bottom of my heart, that you will always be on the giving side and not the receiving side and above all to bless you with all my strength!!!

Sincerely! And thank you!