Staff Sergeant
The late Shaul Oron

Ben Zehava and Herzl

Fell on the 22nd of Tammuz 574 (07.20.2014)

Fell at the age of 21

The second son of Zehava and Herzl. Born on the 14th of Tevet 5744 (12.27.1993) in Poria. Brother of Aviram and Ofek.

Oron grew up in Upper Poria, from the settlement there is a view of the Sea of ​​Galilee and the Jordan Valley. He studied and was educated at “Beit Yarah” high school. Smart and outstanding, with an artistic soul, he excelled in illustration, painting and sculpture.

Oron grew up to be a tall and handsome man, looking at him sunk into the blue of his eyes like a deep ocean. Elam Hamudot radiating light and light on his surroundings – this is Oron. A quiet and humble guy, he always put others and their needs first, helped everyone and demanded justice. Oron contributed from himself in every possible field, and even though he was modest, he gathered friends around him with his small and captivating smile.

What characterized him most of all was his love for the universe and its creation, man, animal and plant; And above all – the love of the motherland. Later, the love of “Golani” joined all of these, it was not for nothing that he was chosen as the President’s Honorable Mention on the 66th Independence Day of the State of Israel, in the year 1974. This is how it was written about him: “Serves as a fighter in the “Golani” brigade. Despite difficulties at home and even though he could have chosen to serve in a rear unit, he chose to serve as a fighter. Performs his duties with dedication and thoroughness. Initiates and volunteers for every task and demonstrates professionalism and responsibility. He has good human relations and is appreciated by his commanders and fellow unit members.”

Oron the boy grew up in the shadow of his mother’s illness; He enveloped her with great concern for her safety, and worried her and his family with endless love. Even during his military service, he helped and supported as much as he could, and knew how to combine the difficult and complex reality at home with his combat service in the IDF.

In June 2014, the rocket fire from the Gaza Strip into Israel increased, and as a result, Israel embarked on Operation “Stone Cliff” against Hamas. The operation began on July 8, 2014 with aerial bombardments, and nine days later, on July 17, IDF ground forces began entering the Gaza Strip with the aim of hitting the firing points, locating combat tunnels leading to Israel and destroying and damaging the terrorist infrastructure of the Hamas organization, in order to protect on the citizens of the country.

At the time of the ground entry, Oron was not part of the team that later became known as the “Death APC Team”, but true to his ways, Oron insisted on joining his fellow fighters. He was answered in the negative by his commanders, but stood his ground until he answered in the affirmative and joined the team.

Two weeks later, at the beginning of the battle in the Sajaiya neighborhood, on the 22nd day of Tammuz 1744 (20.7.2014), nine soldiers from the patrol department of the 13th battalion of the “Golani” brigade entered the area. The APC (armored troop carrier) that Oron and his friends were traveling in got stuck in one of the neighborhood streets as a result of a mechanical malfunction, and during the attempt to rescue it, it was attacked with anti-tank (anti-tank) missiles. Six “Golani” fighters were killed, Oron’s comrades-in-arms: First Sergeant Shahar Tasha, First Sergeant Oren-Simcha Noah, First Sergeant Daniel Pomerantz, Sergeant Ben Yitzhak and Anuno, Sergeant Shawn Mundschein and Sergeant Max Donald Steinberg.

Oron was wounded and dragged by Hamas men into a tunnel. A few days after the kidnapping, the terrorist organization Hamas announced that its men were holding Oron. This was the first time that Hamas issued an official announcement about the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier, something that was unprecedented in the past.

Oron is still being held captive in Gaza by the terrorist organization Hamas.

Initially, it was defined as an IDF space whose burial place was unknown. Later, the definition was changed to an IDF space whose burial place was unknown in the status of prisoner and missing.

First Sergeant Oron Shaul left behind his parents, Zehava and Herzl, and two brothers – Aviram and Ofek.

The painful and difficult reality in which Oron is being held by Hamas and the uncertainty caused the outbreak of cancer in the body of Herzl, Oron’s father. On September 2, 2016, Herzl Shaul, fifty-four years old, died. His illness overwhelmed him with the blood of his days and dashed his hopes of seeing Oron return home from the war.

The space is Mk’l’n – a space whose place of burial is unknown.

- May His Soul Be Bound up in the Bundle of Life -

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