Staff Sergeant
Shukron Roy

Roy Shukron

Ben Nira and Joel

Fell on the 25th day of Av 5777 (08.28.1997)

Fell at the age of 21

You were born on the 13th day of Sheshvan 1977 (6.11.1976) in Netanya

Son and eldest grandson

A beautiful and crying baby

A happy and kind-hearted transport to Gan Nega

You still haven’t realized that you are left until noon without mom

And the joy is gone

Matan joined the family and you lost all attention

But you gracefully kept your place in the family

Sometimes you fought but you were friends

When you were 5 years old, we moved to Pardes Hana

And there you went to Kindergarten

In the magic lantern you saw Han’la and the Shabbat dress

And you burst into tears, Mazal panicked – you were a sensitive child

When you were almost 6 years old, your little sister Michal joined the family

And you, the eldest brother, were so excited that you cried for joy

You were a proud brother

Our house was close to the library and you visited it almost every day

By the time you got home, you had finished reading the book

You were 10 years old when we moved to the Ramot neighborhood in Jerusalem

You studied the 4th grade until the end of elementary school at the Ramot B religious state school

You were a diligent and diligent student

In the 7th grade you received an outstanding student

You kept going to Bnei Akiva

Every journey and every camp

In the 9th grade we went to Boston in the USA for a year

You fought hard in English, you didn’t give up on yourself and in the end

You fit in well socially and academically

You studied the rest of high school at the Himmelfarb school

In Beit Midrash, you studied a long school day

I complained at the parent meeting that you don’t invest in preparing lessons at home

And your teacher Yrami proved to me that this is also how you get high grades

At the end of high school you get infected with the MDA bacteria

And that’s where you spent most of your nights

Until you were drafted into the IDF, you worked, volunteered at the MDA, learned to drive and take psychometric tests

The recruiting office sent forms to fill out

And in all the pages you asked to serve in Golani

On March 23, you enlisted in Golani, of course

You were so proud to belong to the brigade

You completed a course as a fighter and we were proud of you

after finishing the track

You are sent to be an intelligence officer in the battalion

after a short period

You asked to go back to being a fighter in a rifle company

You were sent to a medic course and on 19.6.97 you graduated as an outstanding trainee

And again you went to Lebanon and this time as a medic

On August 26, 1997, Tuesday evening

You set out for an ambush in Wadi Saluki

In order to prevent the infiltration of terrorists into the country

On Thursday morning you encountered a group of terrorists

And you managed to eliminate some terrorists

But…., a fire that broke out and turned into a burning bush

Interrupted the lives of five precious young men

You, the most dear to me, were among them

You did not abandon the medics’ vest in the hope of helping your friends

That’s how you were my Roy!!!

- May His Soul Be Bound up in the Bundle of Life -

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