Mundschein Sean

Ben Ninet and Menachem

Fell on the 22nd of Tammuz 574 (07.20.2014)

Fell at the age of 19

Ben Ninet and Menachem. Shawn was born on the 27th day of Tevet 5555 (12.30.1994) in Tel Aviv. Second child to his parents, brother of Shaf and Shir Lee.

Shawn was born and raised in the Nachalat Yitzhak neighborhood in Tel Aviv. A mischievous boy, his mother said, always on the move. When he was in kindergarten he fell from a facility and broke his elbow. Everyone around him was under pressure during the treatment, but he remained quiet and didn’t even shed a tear when they put three screws to fuse the fracture. It happened right before Passover, so in the kindergarten we organized a Passover Seder where Shawn was the guest of honor, and since then all the children sought his presence.

From kindergarten, Shawn continued to the “Ayalon” elementary school near his home, and from there to middle school and high school in Municipal School D in the north of the city. Throughout the years Sean stood out as a good student even without investing, and as someone who loved to read and study independently, thus acquiring a great deal of knowledge beyond the curriculum. Shawn’s friends said: “One such person, even in grades Alf and Beit / chatted in class, laughed and pondered / but taking into account the rhythm he spelled / and was the first to write without spelling errors. / Even later in high school at parent meetings / he always received compliments from the teachers / for the fact that he Brilliant and strong in the area / of general knowledge and mastery of history.”

Shawn’s teacher said: “A permanent captivating smile on your baby face, shining eyes, hair flowing to the shoulders stretched in a ribbon, a thirst to swallow life…a lively child who always created interest around him, and in our teachers’ terms – is unable to sit still. Your friends were much more interested in you than your classes, and not a day went by without you getting into pranks when you were the odd one out in the center of the group… but to be honest you didn’t have to invest too much, as you were a bright, curious, book-loving and motivated kid. “. And another teacher wrote: “Bashon had the beautiful combination of lightness and jokes along with the desire to excel and do the best.” In the 10th grade, Shawn made a commitment to the fire brigade.

Shawn loved to read, his parents said: “So broad-minded and thirsty for knowledge, that everywhere you went and wherever you were there was always a book in your backpack, and the bookworm inside you gnawed its lines with pleasure.” He devoured thick books quickly, for example he read all the Harry Potter books dozens of times, borrowed books from the library and also bought many books. He was mainly interested in history, science fiction, scientists and scientists who shaped the world. Thanks to reading, he acquired a lot of knowledge in everything related to history and citizenship, which greatly impressed his teachers.

In addition to reading, Shawn liked to research and test everything himself, and thus gained a lot of knowledge in diverse fields. He always wanted to develop and change, and he had a lot of ideas for fixing and optimizing the world around us. “The genius head never stopped thinking,” his parents wrote, “to optimize, to invent. Mainly such inventions that will allow more comfort, more efficiency, saving time and improving safety.” Among the ideas Sasson thought about and assumed would contribute to the community in the future – teaching children with the help of ball games, building collars in playgrounds, building auto-shawarma to reach soldiers in distant bases. Shawn also prepared an application to arrange the case for the army quickly and thus, his friends who enlisted asked for the application, which became popular, in order to use it. Sean came up with the development of a light helmet for combat soldiers that prevents baldness and more.

From a young age Sean was very involved in sports. Until the age of seven he participated in a capoeira club and also played in a basketball club. In the third grade he abandoned these classes and started playing soccer in the children’s team of the “Bnei Yehuda” club. Shawn played there for about six years, then participated in the Gdan Yehuda team for two years, and in the 10th grade played in the Hapoel Ramat Gan team. When Shawn celebrated his fourteenth birthday, he received a dog as a gift, at his request, and named him Totti – after the Italian soccer player Francesco Totti.

When he was in the 11th grade, Shawn did not want to develop soccer as a career, but rather as a very beloved hobby. Shawn decided to try something else, when he was playing soccer at Sportek, he watched a company practice baseball and switched to playing baseball. Although baseball is not very well known in Israel, and although he started this occupation at an older age, His great talent in the field was soon discovered and he was integrated into the team. In general, Shawn was a ball boy, his mother said, and in his room he collected all kinds of game balls. His friends described: “It is rare to see our Shawn without a ball in his hand / no wonder he fell in love with juggling immediately / and a pleasure To see him juggling / with oranges and apples or simple balls”. In addition to ball games, Shawn liked to run, and in high school he was the running champion of his class.

Shawn was a handsome and kind-hearted boy, serious and punctual, caring and helpful to those around him, but always modestly and without bragging about it. He stood out as a smart and sensitive young man, one who loved contemporary music but also knew how to recite poems by poets. Shawn’s friends said: “All the friends from elementary and high school / say one thing with complete confidence / Shawn is a true friend in any situation / this is the kind of section that has always been floating around / … in general, Shawn has a personality / with great sensitivity and a lot of humanity / that’s what it means He tells explicitly / that when they were little and played football on the field / older guys would come / and kick them out without unnecessary feelings / and Shawn said that when he grew up he would never kick out kids / because he would remember how he felt when he was kicked out when he was their age.”

In the twelfth grade, Shawn retired from baseball, and devoted his time to studies and recreation before the army. He loved hanging out, loved friends, and was always the one in the group. Shawn loved Tel Aviv, his city, and always said that it was the city. Shawn knew and loved to try every new restaurant and every place to hangout. in the city. Shaun’s friends wrote: “Spending time with the guys is the taste of life / and Shaun does not give up an opportunity to have fun / the greatest love is driving around in the car / listening to music at full volume – this is a motto / traveling and traveling feels the most perfect / as if there are no worries In the world / … that’s how it always is, Shawn sets off / announces that he’s coming in five minutes or so / and most spontaneously without any preparation / we go out for a walk just to have fun.” : “Once in the 9th grade on a particularly cold winter’s day / jumped into Dizengoff’s fountain without fear / and all the friends had to pay in return / twenty NIS each in honor of the act of heroism”. “Shawn had a smile that melts hearts,” his parents wrote, “no matter what he did, he would smile and immediately you would forget everything.”

On July 21, 2013, Shawn enlisted in the IDF. He followed in the footsteps of his older brother Shaf and served as a fighter in the Golani Brigade, in the 13th Battalion. Sean did very well in the army, and loved his service. His commanders told how he eagerly devoured all the pages of information that were distributed, and succeeded in all the knowledge tests on the subjects of knowledge of the land, history and more.

Shawn was marked as having high abilities and already in February 2014 he was sent to the platoon commanders course, but because he wanted to be with his friends, he returned to the battalion while waiting for the next course. Also in the course they liked Sean very much and he was marked as having high abilities in terms of physical fitness and general knowledge, also Sean often helped his friends. A friend told, for example, how he applied to Shawn to change shifts and was immediately answered in the affirmative.

On July 6, 2014, Shawn returned from his home and joined his friends from the military training course in the battalion. In the evening he talked to his mother on the phone. In the same conversation, Shawn told his mother that it was his happiest day in the army, to be with his friends. As part of the service, Shawn advanced to the rank of corporal.

In June 2014, after Hamas terrorists abducted and murdered three young men in Samaria, rocket fire from the Gaza Strip into Israel increased, and as a result, Israel embarked on Operation Rock Ethan against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The operation began on July 8, 2014 with aerial bombardments, and nine days later army units began entering the Gaza Strip on the ground to deal with the firing points and terrorist tunnels, tasks that were carried out until the end of the operation at the end of August. Shawn was called to Gaza with his fellow battalion members. His commander, who knew him from the day he enlisted in the IDF, loved and appreciated Shawn very much and even joined him in fighting with him in the APC in Gaza, the APC from which he never returned.

Shawn was killed in battle in the Shuja’iya neighborhood in Gaza during the “Tzuk Eitan” operation on the 22nd of Tammuz 2014 (20.7.2014), when the APC he was in was hit by an enemy missile (one year less than a day from the day of his enlistment in the IDF). Six of his members of the APC crew fell with him: First Sergeant Oren Simcha Noah, First Sergeant Daniel Pomerantz, First Sergeant Oron Shaul, First Sergeant Shahar Tasha, Sergeant Ben Yitzhak Vanono and Sergeant Max Donald Steinberg.

Shawn was nineteen and a half years old in Naplo. He was laid to rest in the military cemetery in Nachalat Yitzhak in Tel Aviv, near his home. Survived by parents, brother and sister. Sean was promoted after his fall to the rank of Sergeant.

A week before he entered Gaza, Shawn wrote and kept in his cell phone six letters addressed to the people dear to him, as if he felt that he would not return. This is what he wrote to his family: “Mom, Dad, Seagull and Shirley. I’m really disappointed that something happened to me on the battlefield, and not to my friends. I love you to no end, even if I’ve been a little distant in the last few months. Make sure you have a smile on your face and pride in your heart, and promise me one thing : Continue with your life, as yours. Don’t fade for a moment, not for one moment. Don’t grieve too much, be strong. And remember me as a fighting soldier, and a young man, and a nineteen-year-old Israeli.”

“We see in these letters a testament of the boy who was enough and not enough,” wrote Shawn’s parents, “He went into battle wholeheartedly, because of his personality, the meaning of being there, protecting the country, his involvement. Shawn was not afraid.”

Shaf, Shawn’s brother, eulogized him: “Who will throw the bag like that on the floor / Who will ask me for the car to the party / Who will hug me and call me brother / This longing will remain mine for the rest of my life. Who in this world loves me more than you / entered my mind lights a fire there / walks between rooms asking for forgiveness / doesn’t shout cries doesn’t stay with you / who will fill your hole for me. now fades away no smile no words / every day that passes I fill gaps / two children run to kindergarten / you always worried about me my little brother / friends New things are being told about you / I dreamed of watching us grow. When spring is gone there are no new leaves / Fall is already here life goes on / So what if you promised to come home.”

Shirley, Shawn’s sister, wrote: “Even though you are two years older than me, you were like my twin brother. Half of me is gone. I don’t want to sleep alone, I want to sleep with you, with your smell and your laughs. Seagull, Shawn and Shirley is a triangle that will never be forgotten “.

Ofra, who was Shawn’s educator, wrote: “This boy Shawn is the child of all of us… This boy is the product of a fine education, of high values, of dedication and sacrifice, of commitment and adherence to a goal, of determination and courage. This boy in his death taught us An important lesson about life. We all mourn his passing, we all find it hard to believe that he is no more, we all share in the unbearable pain of our loss, and we all must remember him and his friends. Remember and remember, respect and cherish, talk and tell, share and document, enshrine him deep in our hearts and never forget”.

Shawn’s friends paid tribute to him: “Shaun with the long hair and the ribbon / Shawn with the most wonderful spirit / Shawn who is a devastating handsome even in the cut / Especially when Shirley dresses him up a blast / Shawn of the trips to every corner of the city / Shawn the athlete and the fastest sprinter / Shawn with the ball and the book in his hands / Shawn of the guys who hang out together / Shawn who started dating girls / Shawn who really knows how to have fun / Shawn who participates in every part of the party / Shawn who always says ‘my brother’ / and also in the last WhatsApp with a promise he was unable to keep / ‘My brothers’ were two The words he ended with / Shawn who always made us laugh and lifted us all up / Your Shoniko, who is always also our Shawn. So please, smile hard when you think of him / This is what he wants, it goes without saying.”

Three months after the fall of Shawn, an evening was held in his memory as part of a matriculation ceremony at the D. city school, where he studied. In the evening, speeches were made in memory of Shawn and a presentation of his photos was shown. Tonight can be viewed on YouTube.

On the evening of the memorial, Shawn’s friend Or said: “Shaun, my dear brother, in our eyes you will always be a figure of glory and an example, we will never forget you. I can testify for myself that there is not a day that I did not think of you after you left us. No exit of ours after that day looked the same You will always be in the hearts of all of us. We salute you for your bravery and courage to defend the country you always loved, and for the spirit of Harry that served you at any given moment. Forever brother, I will always remember you, and we will meet in the end. You must know that. Watch over us from above, and every day that passes It’s more difficult for us.”

Tribute to his parents’ language: “You have so much in you, Shawn. How did you squeeze everything into nineteen years of childhood? The most beautiful boy, the most successful boy. Sean, how was everything? Sometimes playful with a heart of gold, and sometimes focused, serious and full of responsibility – all according to the situation. Sometimes you are open to friends, family, the environment, and sometimes you gather into your own wonderful inner world, which you nurtured like you nurture a private house in a neighborhood…

Sean Sean Sean – we loved you so much. We were five cliffs together, Tamarim and Gayim. There are four of us left. A strong rock took you from our heart. Four of us are left in pain with our fate. We are proud to have had the privilege of raising and being with you for nineteen and a half years, a wonderful son and brother to Shef and Shirley. They say that sorrow, suffering and pain dulls with time. May your soul surround the world and correct every wrong.”

- May His Soul Be Bound up in the Bundle of Life -

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