Sturman Moshe

Moshe Sturman

Ben Haim and Atara.

It fell on the 25th day of Tammuz 578,


Fell at Age 20 Years old

son Haim and crown was born B. B _ in Tashri Dr. B _ in Safed . as a toddler come With his parents To the eye Harod the walking and is being built So and was between ten the children the first ones instead of . His father , a man of Hashomer and Hagana “, one of the main pillars she , and the householder the saw which deprived You his life in action the defense at the time rise kibbutz New for settlement in the soil Beit Shan , B.H _ _ in Elol 1938 14.9.1938 , was _ to Moses imagine model to all his life

Awake , rooted , bound very To the economy , to the landscape And to the country , you know You nature and its ways . Force essential multi Was hidden In it , he expressed himself in his senses the healthy ones And the developed ones , wisely basic And deep , in relation respect To others , friends dedicated and honest knowledge bear in a yoke of Responsibility , and his childhood all Working which Received On himself Made completely and sharpness Creation .

his pain knowledge and recognized also he You the neighbors the Arabs and their walks And a lot was his success And many his honor which stream in the fields and between the tents after done You School _ _ the local was man the security And the “ defense is active in all its actions and in keeping .

With The recruitment Lepalm H _ was from my beginning The division , its instructors and its commanders the ones that stand out . at the time The preparations towards the qualification was from my beginning the volunteers and the activists in training the marine And in times of need there was also between organizer the rise The illegal _ within the limits the north and many hang up You measure her success in that he is himself participated in actions which there were Always calculated Until Private their details and are performed safely quietly and with discretion of an adult

in the economy slave in the same The loyalty and the dedication in most The branches : in the field , in the fodder , in the barn and in the barn . as a friend Security Committee _ participated in a way active in the organization the defense instead of .

Established Family With Rauma , his girlfriend a girl Tel Yosef . to their son first born read on behalf of Haim , there his father his beloved anyway revelations his life Yes also in my life The family was roots And complete , dedicated and cares in nature of Moses embodied Characteristics soul Deep , rooted which got them Inherited , and maybe himself No enough to stand On them , of course no have had enough be discovered in full themselves and scope . he Inherited , no only Characteristics But also _ Gone soul Special and access special to things . One from features the foundation where she was The familiality , he loved Strong , no Bush Discover You his love and to express it in relation Special and visible in mind Everyone the many pamper You Haim they built the toddler

With outbreak the events enlisted to the service full and participated approx _ _ and later _ As m in actions The guts the many of The Golanibattalion . also Name will be discovered as commander and as a friend the worrier to his people , and he was To the man the headquarters the central in the valley in his proficiency the excellent in all path and shunt at him . safely the inner and in his strength The rabbi knowledge Affect On his subordinates , which correct there were go after him to all battle of dedication and faith . once , before his return From vacation , he said Stuff the witnesses cork all His confidence , with all The silence , that was at him and the rain His surroundings a lesson in the account You all which might To happen and even On times Yes six go Because He said : “ What? do , yes , fall many and expensive But , there is Haim Little ?! there is Children ?! – for them Must And you should and must to do and need to understand that that they They will live should know fall down “.

participated in occupation Beit Shan , battles On The Gilboa , Leman Norris Committee a seed and foyers Janine _ _ and in the occupation Nazareth _

Fell On August 1, 1948 in battle On Samaria , no far away from a place fall of his father Fighting in mind Class , the resistance was strong and being person in charge for action , remains the last one to withdraw and a ball segmented You his heart and he Fell immediately _ when she came the reinforcement and the remote Conquered , taken down already the looters You his watch and you binoculars His father , who carried with him in all battle _

the following day Today was buried Bain Harod . after fell down was raised to rank Lieutenant as per command The General Staff .

two weeks after the his fall was born their daughter of Moses And Rauma , Tamar .

Haim Their son , a servant in commando The sailor ( sailing ) and fell Bah Bav _ 1969 21.7.1969 in a raid On Island green .

remember was raised In the book Boys ” – a file memory to my son eye anxious _

- May His Soul Be Bound up in the Bundle of Life -

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